Naomi Last Horse-Black Elk

Naomi Last Horse-Black Elk, “Waste Walakapi Win” Oglala Lakota, homegrown on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in a small community known as Pejuta Haka Oyanke. Naomi is a K-12 Lakota Studies Educator and is currently the Kindergarten-First Grade Lakota Immersion Teacher with Iyapi Glukinipi-Thunder Valley CDC. She is certified to teach in the state of South Dakota and will be teaching at Pine Ridge School in an Immersion setting. When asking Naomi about the language through liberation she replies with, “I became an educator to inspire, promote and contribute to the seventh generation, through language, culture and values. I promote indigenous education through speaking always, listening always and encouraging always to our young ones to learn our language whenever and wherever, the goal is to never stop.”